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Since 2018, BABETTE opens its doors in Bordeaux, Massy, Tours, Le Havre and Paris.

Responsible concept store, Babette offers a unique experience by combining catering, shopping and discovery workshops. Babette, anxious to provide you with healthy food, bases most of its purchases with local producers and also offers a wide vegetarian choice.

For shopping, it’s eco-responsible. We highlight a selection of French designers whose objects or accessories have been designed “peacefull” for the planet.

We also want to actively participate in the ecological transition, which is why we have created workshops so that you can come and discuss, learn and collaborate on topics that are dear to you. Our producers also feel concerned and offer workshops to discover their products.


Such important subjects such as the preservation of the planet or our health are more than topical. We are proud, at Babette, to offer you an atypical, relaxed, pleasant place and “responsible” products.


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