Babette Concept Store - Restaurant healthy - Plats faits maison

The concept

The Babette concept store was born out of Naos Hôtel Groupe’s commitment to liveable spaces, their importance and the need to believe in and share their values. In 2016, when the Babette concept was born around the concept of “Eating Healthy and Living Well”, it made the Naos Hôtel Groupe a pioneer in the hotel industry. Now, the concept seems obvious. Our personal responsibility when it comes to important topics like preserving the planet and our health is more than a trend. At Naos Hôtel Groupe, we are proud to be able to offer Babette in response to a growing demand from our customers: they want a place that is unique, relaxed, pleasant, open every day and offers sustainable products.

Babette x Hilton

Naos Hôtel Groupe opened Babette in Bordeaux at the same time as the Hilton Garden Inn, run by the Group as a franchise. What could be more exciting than managing our two identities in the same place: offering international visitors the chance to discover our home, promoting locally-sourced products, selling work by French designers and, above all, welcoming all visitors! At Babette, everyone is welcome (locals and travellers alike). Hurray, we’re here…


We love promoting French expertise while doing what we can to make the
world a better place!
Welcome to Babette.
In 2018 Babette opened in Bordeaux, one year later Babette is opening in
Massy, and very soon Babette will be coming to your city!